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    New Danganronpa V3: Everyone’s New Semester of Killing

    NDRV3 ist nach "Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc" und "Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair" der Dritte Haupt-Ableger der Danganronpa Reihe.

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    jap. Release: Januar 2017
    EU Release: N/A
    Erscheint für: PS4 / PS Vita

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    New Danganronpa V3: Everyone’s New Semester of Killing

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    AW: New Danganronpa V3: Everyone’s New Semester of Killing

    Oh Gott oh Gott... ich muss die Teile für die Vita nachholen

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    AW: New Danganronpa V3: Everyone’s New Semester of Killing

    Zitat Sparda101 Beitrag anzeigen
    Oh Gott oh Gott... ich muss die Teile für die Vita nachholen
    ich kann es empfehlen. Die Spiele haben richtig Spaß gemacht, besonders das zweite. Wenn du neu in dem Franchise bist, kann ich empfehlen nach den beiden spielen den Spin-Off "Ultra Despair Girls" zu spielen, den gibt es auch für die PSVita. Danach solltest du folgendweise abwächselnd die beiden neuen Animes "Danganronpa: The End of Hope's Peak Academy Future-Arc" und "Danganronpa: The End of Hope's Peak Academy Despair-Arc". Gemeint ist: Future Arc Folge 1, Despair Arc Folge 1 Future Arc Folge 2, usw. Da die Folgen aufeinenander Aufbauen. Diese beiden Animes sind sehr wichtig, da das eine die komplette Vorgeschichte und das andere das Sequel zu beiden Teilen ist.

    so zurück zum Thema:
    Ich freue mich schon richtig auf das Spiel. Ich bin mal gespannt, ob vielleicht schon Charaktere aus diesem Spiel in den oben erwähnten Anime vorkommen werden. Wir haben ja jeweils noch 2-3 Folgen

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    AW: New Danganronpa V3: Everyone’s New Semester of Killing

    neuer Trailer, auch wenn dieser noch nicht übersetzt wurde, sobald ich diesen Übersetzt finde wird er hier gepostet


    Hier noch ein besseres Bild der neuen Charaktere aus NDRV3

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    AW: New Danganronpa V3: Everyone’s New Semester of Killing

    neue info aus der aktuellen Famitsu

    Title (across both pages): The Real V3 Info Starts! The Students of the Prison School for the Gifted Facing the New Killing Game

    At last, the true V3 coverage begins! As the DR3 anime is approaching its climax, new information on the characters and setting of New Dangan Ronpa V3: A New Semester of Everyone’s Mutual Killing is here. This time we will introduce the sixteen characters taking on the new killing game, the Prison School for the Gifted that serves as the setting, etc. Who’s the protagonist who’s been hidden all this time?! Also, the mystery of the “Monokumars” draws closer!

    Screenshot text (spoken by Akamatsu): Because by the time this school trial is over, I’ll definitely figure out who it really was!

    Revelation of the Characters Who Will Appear!

    In addition to the cyborg boy, the the boy with spiky hair and a slovenly way of wearing his uniform, and the girl in a sailor uniform with twin tails, thirteen new student designs have been revealed. These sixteen students will participate the new killing game. In addition, keep an eye out for the “Monokumars”, five new bear robots calling themselves “Monokuma’s children”!

    Familiar Mascots Enforcing the Killing Game (?)

    Caption: Monokuma appears again in the new series, V3, once again forcing students into a killing game. In addition, because a new group of monokuma called the “Monokumars” appear, this story will sure be lively!

    Screenshot text (spoken by 100% Heterosexual No Really blond kid): By the way, there’s something I wanna ask you…

    Screenshot text (spoken by Monokuma): Well then, well then! First let’s have a simple explanation of the class trial!

    Title (across both pages): The Protagonist Exposes the Truth During School Trials!

    V3’s protagonist is among the thirteen newly revealed designs: Akamatsu Kaede! Kanda Sayaka, who played Enoshima Junko in Dangan Ronpa The Stage, has been chosen to provide her voice. Here’s an overview of the protagonist and the new school trials!

    The Protagonist of the New Series V3 is a Bossy Type with a Firm Character

    Akamatsu Kaede
    voice: Kanda Sayaka

    A cheerful, positive girl. As a bossy type with a firm character, she herself takes the lead and pulls the other students along. She has a strong will and doesn’t hesitate to take action. Furthermore, as is custom for the series, the students of the prison school for the gifted have Super High School Level Talents, but information about the individual talents is still currently a mystery.

    Comments from Kanda Sayaka, Voice of Akamatsu Kaede!

    This time it’s less like a dream come true and more like a miracle, but I’ve been asked to participate in the new game. Akamatsu Kaede-chan is very protag-like, her design is cute, she’s always pulling the others along cheerfully, and she’s a heroine you can depend on. I’m extremely happy to play such a cute protagonist. Because this game will surpass your expectations, please wait eagerly for it! Please look forward to it!

    Screenshot text (spoken by Akamatsu): T-That’s a pretty big jump, isn’t it?

    The First Female Protagonist of a Numbered Title

    Although in the past, Naegi Komaru was the protagonist of Zettai Zetsubou Shoujo, this is the first time a numbered installment has had a female protagonist. In addition, unlike Naegi Makoto and Hinata Hajime, she’s a bossy type who pulls the others around, and the story seems it will develop in a way to give her chances to take action.

    From the Article Writer: Giant Kuroda’s Eye
    The Cyborg Boy isn’t the Protagonist?!

    The image to the left was revealed in Famitsu’s December 10, 2015 issue. When I saw it for the first time, I thought that the cyborg-looking boy in the center was the main character. That was because the protagonists had ahoge as their trademark (check out the following column for more details), and this time the theme was “psycho cool”. That mechanical body is pretty cool, right? But betraying our expectations is what Dangan Ronpa is all about. That said, I didn’t think they’d reveal the first promo image without the protagonist in it! On that note, if the main character isn’t here, who are these people? Even though they have SHSL talents, is there a chance that they really aren’t that important?!

    Lies are Important to the School Trials!

    This game adds a new mechanic in addition to finding the contradictions in the murderer’s statements and seeking the truth. That is “dare to lie and the trial will go in your favor.” Meanwhile, there are other new mechanics like the “Scrum Argument” where the trial participants are separated into two teams to argue their opinions, so the school trials can be a white hot experience.

    Screenshot text (spoken by V3 Hagakure): In other words, it’s cause that person was the one behind it!

    Screenshot text (spoken by Akamatsu): …a classroom?

    Title (across both pages): The Setting and Cast of the School Life of Mutual Killing

    As suggested by the “new” and “new semester” in the title, this game’s setting and characters are completely new and not related to the Kibougamine series. The new setting, the Prison School for the Gifted, is a tragic place. Here is information on the school and the Monokumars.

    Caption: There is a hallway with grass and flowers growing in it, and a library with a huge number of books scattered around. With places like these, there’s a good chance that there are suspicious places to check out.

    The Prison School for the Gifted, the Setting of the Story

    The Prison School for the Gifted, where the new SHSL students’ school life of mutual killing takes place. Because the interior of the school has been neglected for a long time, there’s wild grass growing in places, and a pervasive sense of an abandoned building hangs about. However, with sunlight streaming in, it’s very different from Kibougamine with its sealed windows, and it seems that you can look out and see what’s going on outside. Furthermore, this game too will have the 2D sprites on the 3D map. In addition, you can explore a more realistic 3D map.


    White and red two-toned in color with a scarf around his neck, he’s the leader of the Monokumars. Apt to derail people, he unites the group members’ discordant voices into one, though he has a childish personality and a clumsy side.

    The Sixteen Students Attending the Prison School for the Gifted

    Sixteen students forced into a killing game by Headmaster Monokuma. What is Monokuma’s motive? Also, who is the mastermind this time? At the center of various mysteries and predictions swirling together, SHSL students will die. Who will really survive to the end?!

    Direction of the Conversation Scenes Has Gotten Better!

    It’s not just the school trials, but the daily life segments that have been improved. One aspect of that is the manga-style paneling, which allow multiple characters who are speaking to be on screen at the same time. With this change in direction, the feeling of immersion will be stronger than in previous games.

    The Monokumars, Administrators of the Prison School for the Gifted

    The Monokumars are five robotic bears who are self-proclaimed “Monokuma’s children”. Working under Monokuma, they oversee the killing game taking place at the Prison School for the Gifted. Because their personalities are so different, they don’t work together very well.

    From the Article Writer: Giant Kuroda’s Eye
    The Strength of Habit at its Peak?!

    At last, the sixteen students caught up in the school life of mutual killing have been revealed. My first impression upon seeing all sixteen of them is that they seem less like students than the characters from the first and second games. Letting them go to school in their own clothes and so on might be the influence of the school’s distinctively free rules and style. Also, I can’t imagine what their talents might be just by looking at them. In the past series, there were always many characters whose talents you could guess by appearance, but this time, I really don’t have any idea! I thought that maybe the big barefoot guy with the bug terrarium was the SHSL Bug Catcher, but I’m pretty sure there are no high school-aged bug catchers… No! This is Dangan Ronpa, where even a guess like that can be turned on its head! I can’t let my guard down! Will the five Monokumars move independently, or as a group? I’m interested to see what their appearances and personalities are and what kind of things will happen as a result!

    Screenshot text (spoken by Akamatsu): So, the remaining four were in the game room the whole time?

    Screenshot text (spoken by Monokuma): Ah, sorry. I meant to surprise you.

    Desweiteren noch eine Info am Rande: vielleicht habt ihr es ja schon bemerkt, aber Monokuma hat eine neue Sprecherin, und zwar Tarako Isono. Grund dafür ist, dass Nobuyo Ōyama, die alte Sprecherin von Monokuma aufgrund von Demenz ihr Synchronsprecherkarriere beenden musste.
    Hier ein Artikel dazu:
    TARAKO Replaces Nobuyo Oyama as Monokuma in Danganronpa Franchise - News - Anime News Network

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    AW: New Danganronpa V3: Everyone’s New Semester of Killing